Japanese Nail Art to Makes You More Fancy

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Are you a fan of Japanese fashion or generally, a Japan lover? If yes, we sure that you’re familiar with Japanese nail art, right? Nail art, essentially becomes the part of modern Japanese fashion. And it comes with a bunch of nail designs that uses different materials and techniques. Most of the nail designs looks stand out with “oh-so-pretty” and unique look. Well, even though the designs might be not appropriate for everyday wear, gives your nail some details can be a fun way to express your true self.

Nail art design in Japan is so vary such as; Glass nails, Gel nails, Sculpted nails (extend the nail length), 3D nails (3 dimensional nail art), Ita-nails (anime characters on your nail) and many more. If you wanna references about fancy Japanese nail art, there are lot of selection of Japanese nail art pictures in internet. Just surf it to find the design or style that fitted with your taste. You’ll be amazed if you see how complicated the 3D nail art is; though it simple to do. Water drops is one of popular 3D nail art among nail salons in Japan. This 3D nail art is beautiful and long-lasting. You can use clear nail polish and let it drip onto your painted nails.

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Well, if you wanna know what nail arts that famous in Japan, we have the list some of it. Here it is:
• Flowers—this nail art that reflecting the beauty of Japan whereas beautiful flowers blooming throughout the four seasons. Sakura is ever-lasting nail design during summer or spring.
• Glass nails—art nail that resembles a stained glass. It created using holographic paper that cut and stuck onto painted nails.
• Marble nails—this nail art comes from a fresh coat and beautify with rhinestones and glitter.
Generally, nail arts in Japan are flashy with unique styles. And, thanks to fake nails that comes in various shapes: rounded tips, stiletto nails, the long, pointed tip; Japanese art nail becomes fancier to apply onto your nails. Have a try!

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